Tarsus – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide

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Tarsus – Lateral Canine X-ray Positioning guide 2

Tarsus – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Lateral recumbency
  • Affected side down
  • Extend limb caudally
  • Ensure in true lateral
  • Support if required
  • Centre over middle of tarsus
  • Collimate to include entire tarsus, plus distal 1/3rd tibia and fibula
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam.

What to look for

  • Ensure hock in true lateral, and good visualisation of tibiotarsal joint.

Top tips

  • In very muscular dogs in can be tricky to get a decent lateral, so you may need to pad under the toes to keep the leg in true lateral

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