Shoulder – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide

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Shoulder – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Lateral recumbency
  • Affected side down, with leg extended cranially - use ties to secure
  • Extended the unaffected limb caudally and secure
  • Extend the head dorsally
  • Ensure Elbow positioned in lateral
  • Centre over the humeral head
  • Collimate to show proximal 1/3rd humerus
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam.

 What to look for

  • Good visualisation of the shoulder joint with minimal overlying soft tissue by superimposing the shoulder joint over the lumen of the air-filled trachea.

Top tips

  • Often palpating the humeral head is the best way to locate it, and it is often much closer in to the body than you realise.

Shoulder – lateral canine x-ray positioning guide

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