Hips – ventrodorsal canine X-ray positioning guide

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Hips – ventrodorsal canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Dorsal recumbency
  • Dog ideally in a trough
  • Fully extend the hind legs and adduct, so the femurs lie parallel to each other and parallel to the film/cassette
  • The legs should be rotated inwards, patellae central - over the trochlea groves
  • Align the tail straight between the thighs
  • Centre in the midline, over the level of the cranial edge of the pubis, directly between the femoral heads
  • Use ties and tape to retain this position
  • Ensure left or right marker is visible.

What to look for

  • Both patellae should be central to the trochlea groves, and the iliac crests and hips should appear symmetrical.

Top tips

  • If the pelvis appears to be rotated this can be corrected by lifting the hip on the side which appears to have a smaller obturator foramen.

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