Hips – ‘frog-leg’ ventrodorsal canine X-ray positioning guide

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frog leg

Hips – ‘frog-leg’ ventrodorsal canine X-ray positioning guide




  • Dorsal recumbency
  • Dog ideally in a trough
  • Abduct the femurs into a frog legged position with stifle equi-distance from the table top
  • Centre in the midline, over the level of the cranial edge of the pubis, directly between the femoral heads
  • Collimate to cover the proximal half of the femurs and entire pelvis.


What to look for

  • Pelvis and hips should be symmetrical


Top Tips

  • Foam pads or sandbags can be used to support the stifles
  • A grid should be used for dogs over 10cm deep.

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