Digits (hindlimb) - dorsopalmer canine X-ray positioning guide

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Digits (hindlimb) - dorsopalmer canine X-ray positioning guide

forelimb  forelimb X-ray


  • Sternal recumbency
  • Extend the affected limb cranially
  • Ensure foot in true dorsopalmar position
  • Centre over the centre of the digits
  • Collimate to include the tarsus and nails
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam

What to look for

  • Ensure foot and tarsus are not rotated - each toe should be clearly visualised

Top tips

  • If you are struggling to get the foot into a good DP often rotating the body can help, or use more pads.
  • On some very ‘rotund’ dogs this can be a tricky view and occasionally you may have to do a palmarodorsal view instead.

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