Skull - dorsoventral canine X-ray positioning guide

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Skull - dorsoventral canine X-ray positioning guide

skull skull


  • Sternal recumbency
  • Remove collar
  • Ensure mandible parallel with table top
  • If under GA ensure ET tube running straight to reduce risk of soft tissue distortion
  • Also ensure ears are not tucked under skull as this can cause an artefact
  • Centre in the midline, roughly at the level of the orbits - but this can vary depending upon skull shape
  • Ensure collimated to cover from tip of nose to entire vault of skull
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam.

What to look for

  • Look at the bullae to check for rotation - all mirrored structure should be equal sizes.

Top tips

  • In deep chested dogs it can be worth raising the cassette off the table top to help get them straight- just remember to adjust your exposure or FFD.

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