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Learning has always been at the heart of IMV imaging. For three decades we have been running practical 'hands-on' ultrasound training courses. We are committed to ensuring you can make the most of your farm animal ultrasound equipment. 

Take a look below at the range of courses available. Don't forget also to join the IMV bovine imaging Facebook group to keep up-to-date with our learning community.



Get MOO-ving: get started with bovine ultrasonography - 9th September 2020 >> 

MOO-ving on: the next step in bovine ultrasonography - 10th September 2020 >> 

Bovine Fetal Sexing - 11th September 2020 >> 

Get MOO-ving: get started with bovine ultrasonography - 18th November 2020 >> 

MOO-ving on: the next step in bovine ultrasonography - 19th November 2020 >> 

Bovine Advanced Scanning: Non-Repro - 20th November 2020 >> 







Embryonics bovine ultrasound and sheep scanning courses 2019 >>

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