Small animal CPD courses

At IMV imaging we believe in helping our customers improve animal care. Not only do we strive to provide the best in diagnostic imaging equipment, we strive to ensure you have the skills and confidence to gain the most from your kit.

Below is a list of our upcoming courses.

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**To join the waiting list for any of our popular courses, please contact us via [email protected]**


Bellshill, Scotland

9th October 2019: Abdominal Ultrasound: The Basics - **FULLY BOOKED**


Bristol, England  

22nd October 2019: Abdominal Ultrasound: The Basics **FULLY BOOKED**

23rd October 2019: AbdoPLUS: A step further in small animal abdominal ultrasound **FULLY BOOKED**



Co. Meath, Ireland

4th October 2019: EchoPLUS: A step further in echocardiography 

25th October 2019: Abdominal Ultrasound: The basics **FULLY BOOKED**

29th October 2019: Veterinary Nurse Small Animal Imaging Day

30th October 2019: Veterinary Nurse Small Animal Imaging Day

29th November 2019: Abdominal Ultrasound: The Basics 






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