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Sonosite MicroMaxx veterinary ultrasound product support

Service and Support information


  • Sonosite SiteLink Image Manager is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 & 8 operating systems.

    Sonosite Engineering are presently working on a solution in order to support existing customers with SiteLink 7.


  • Scanner is not sending to sitelink PC

    The Vet may not have ended the previous exam.

    The scanner may be plugged into wrong usb port (Sitelink is port specific) - USB-Cisco adapter & training

  • How do I change the sector size while scanning with the P10 probe?

    You are not able to change the sector size.


  • Why can't I access cardiac calculations or CW Doppler?

    In wrong application (abdo not cardiac)


  • Trackpad issues

    Clean trackpad of all moisture using finger only, as a stray finger on the trackpad may confuse the scanner. 


  • System is powering down after 5, 10 or 15 minutes

    Enter setup mode by pressing the SETUP key. Click on the Audio, Battery menu and check sleep mode setting is off. 


  • It is taking longer than usual to start up

    Backup images and clear CF card of all images.


  • Cannot recognise CF Card/takes a long time to see images

    Backup your images and clear the CF card of all images. Try another CF Card. Make sure that the CF card is in the front slot. The front slot is for images and the rear dock is for upgrades.


  • Won't power from mains

    1. First, try using a different power lead.
    2. Check fuse in power lead.
    3. Order another mains supply.

  • Won't power from batteries

    1. Check battery age mm/yy.
    2. Order new battery.

  • I can't use Doppler on my MicroMaxx

    Check to make sure that you have the correct license key for the software and that you know the exact specifications of your software license.


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