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Smart Display ultrasound viewing device product support

Service and support information


  • Can I use BUG on my older model Easi-Scan?

    Easi-Scan Smart Display is only compatible with the new Easi-Scan model. You can easily upgrade your older Easi-Scan to be compatible with Smart Display, by sending it in to a BCF service centre.

  • Is BUG interchangeable for all Easi-Scan models?

    The easiest way to check is by looking at the display connector on your scanner. If the display connector is black then it is the newest model, if it is silver then your scanner will need to be upgraded to be compatible with Easi-Scan Smart Display.

  • What are the yellow bits on the display stand for?

    These are removable styli for the touch screen features on your Easi-Scan Smart Display.

  • Can I use my BUG with Smart Display?

    No, you cannot use BUG and Smart Display at the same time as they are both viewing devices.

  • How do I clip in my Easi-Scan to Smart Display?

    You clip your Easi-Scan to the back of the Smart Display. Please make sure the two yellow tabs are fully engaged.

  • How can I bring the image into focus using the BUGs?

    You retrieve images by plugging in the usb cable into the connector and plug the usb end into your PC. This will then appear as a disk on your PC. Watch our video online on how to transfer images.

  • Does Easi-Scan Smart Display need its own battery?

    No, Smart Display runs off your Easi-Scan battery, so you do not need to carry an extra battery for Smart Display. You can still achieve up to 5 hours of scanning time from your Easi-Scan battery when used with Smart Display. You can also purchase extra batteries so you can have extra scanning time.

  • Can you save images on the Smart Display?

    Yes, you can store up to 2500 images on Easi-Scan Smart Display. You can also store up to 30, 10 second video clips. With the image compare feature you can use these saved images as a reference tool.

  • Can you save videos?

    Yes, with Easi-Scan Smart Display you can save up to 300, 10 second video clip.

Care and maintenance

The Smart Display is designed for reliability in the veterinary and animal husbandry marketplace. Our engineers and their appointed agents are available to provide rapid service assistance to ensure optimum performance of IMV imaging systems. However there is no substitute for careful usage. We state that the Smart Display is splashproof, indeed it is sealed to IP65, but you should note the following important points:

1. The unit is not sealed against jets of water. Water will penetrate your scanner if it is hosed down or rinsed under a fast flowing tap.

2. The unit is NOT corrosion proof and thus it should not be left wet.


  • Antibacterial wet wipes are particularly effective for Smart Display, and reduce the need for drying. This prevents problems related to corrosion following washdown.
  • Sponging down or even brief, shallow submersion is less aggressive than rising or hosing down.
  • Thoroughly dry the Smart Display before storage or charging.
  • Your equipment should be returned periodically to an IMV-imaging qualified service engineer. The service agent will use special test equipment to thoroughly check the instrument and advise of any work that appears to be necessary. Any other service problems should be referred to our qualified service engineers.


My screen is black or my display is not powering up at all

If this occurs then you need to check that the Easi-Scan is properly clipped into Smart Display by ensuring the yellow tabs are fully engaged.
You may also want to check that your battery has been properly charged.
If Smart Display won’t switch on and your Easi-Scan is clipped in properly and the battery is charged then try switching it on via the Easi-Scan power button on the back.
If none of these solutions work you will need to contact your IMV imaging service centre immediately for troubleshooting.


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