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Ovi-Scan ultrasound product support

Service and support information

Care & Maintenance

We have built the Ovi-Scan to be rugged for the on-farm environment. It does contain sensitive electronics.  If you care for your Ovi-Scan properly you will get many years out of your product. 



  1. Wipe it down after every use. Use a non-bleach antibacterial wipe or warm water and soap.
  2. Store in a dry environment.  Corrosion will occur if stored damp.
  3. Return your equipment annually to an IMV imaging service centre for a maintenance inspection.



  1. Clean the probe immediately after use before contaminates can dry on.  Immerse head in warm (not hot) water.  Do not store in cleaning/disinfecting solutions.
  2. Keep probe connector free of contaminates to maintain a good contact.
  3. Do not knock, scrape or push on the probe window. It could burst and cause damage.



  1. Keeping all connectors clean and dry is especially important.  Examine them regularly for cracks or splits, if damage is found it is imperative to repair promptly.
  2. Wipe display gently with a lint free cloth. Cleaning cloth and cleaners for glasses/sunglasses work well. Care should be taken not to scratch the screen.


IMV imaging sheep scanning video 1 -- How to set up the Ovi-Scan ultrasound scanner


IMV imaging sheep scanning video 2 -- Where to position the probe on the sheep       


IMV imaging sheep scanning video 3 -- Ovi-Scan settings explained


IMV imaging sheep scanning video 4 -- Identifying lamb with the Ovi-Scan

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