• Mindray DP-50

Mindray DP-50 veterinary ultrasound product support

Service and support information


  • Can I perform cardiac calculations?

    In cardiac pre-set the measurements key will bring up cardiac calculations.


  • Why isn't the image as clear as I expected using the DP-75L50 Rectal Probe?

    Try removing the protective black tape that covers the probe face when the probe is new.


  • The power light is on but no image is displayed

    Shut the machine down, wait for one minute and then restart the machine. Also, try adjusting the contrast or the brightness on the monitor.


  • There is a power failure

    1. Check the power cord is properly connected.
    2. Check the fuse in the plug.
    3. Connect another device to the wall outlet and see if that one works. If the device works, there is a power supply problem with the scanner. If the device does not work, the problem is down to the wall outlet. 

  • The Trackball is not responding correctly

    The trackball can be removed for cleaning by twisting the outer ring anti-clockwise and removing the ring and ball. Gently clean the trackball and the cavity with a mild detergent and leave it to dry. Then replace the trackball and ring.


  • There is a lag on the feedback of the ultrasound probe to the machine

    You can get a lag sometimes when your iBeam is on and your iClear is up high. You can turn the iBeam off and the iClear down, however there is the possibility that the image quality may suffer as a result.

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