• Honda HS2100 veterinary ultrasound scaner

Honda HS2100 veterinary ultrasound product support

Service and support information


  • Can I download images directly from the Honda HS2100?

    Access the Honda download software. 


  • Can I change the depth?

    You can change the depth using the range dial.


  • Why can't I see all the images that I saved on the memory?

    The scanner will only show you the images from the patient that is currently selected. To view all of a patient's images, load the patient as if you were starting a scan and then review.


  • How do I increase the sector size?

    Select the arrow pointing North-East (North-West arrow to reduce the sector size).


  • There is a power failure

    1. Check the power cord is properly connected
    2. Check the fuse in the plug.
    3. Connect another device to the wall outlet and see if that one works. If the device works, there is a power supply problem with your scanner . If the device does not work, the problem is down to the wall outlet.

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