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Easi-Scan Remote Display ultrasound product support

Service and support information


  • Why is my image upside down?

    You may have rotated your image as the screen is designed to do this. A brief press of the power button will rotate the image.

  • Why are their two battery symbols?

    The battery symbol in the bottom right hand side of the screen is the scanner battery. The one on the top left hand side of the screen is the display battery.

Care & Maintenance

We have built the Easi-Scan remote display to be rugged and splash resistant, however, it does contain sensitive electronics. With a little care and maintenance you will get many years of excellent imaging.


The Easi-Scan remote display will be damaged if you:

  • Drop it.
  • Hose it down.
  • Wipe the screen with your hand.

For a long and happy life:

  • Clean immediately after use- before any debris dry solid.
  • Grit/mud should first be removed by rinsing gently- do no rub screen.
  • Dry excess water off the housing with clean soft cloth- do not rub the screen.
  • Only wipe the screen with a clean cloth.
  • Secure in protective case or neoprene sleeve once clean and dry.


There is interference on my screen.

Try changing the wireless channel on the scanner and the remote display. Ensure they are on the same channel.
Also make sure your display is not too far away from your scanner and that there are no heavy objects or walls obstructing your signal.
I can’t see my scanner image on the display.

Make sure your battery is clipped onto the display properly and that the battery is charged.
If your image is not showing up on the display it could be a case of changing the wireless channel on the display so that it matches the wireless channel the scanner is on.
If none of these solutions work you will need to contact your IMV imaging service centre immediately for troubleshooting.

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