• Slate 6 veterinary X-ray equipment
  • Cuattro Slate 6 xray system
  • Cuattro Uno Slate - Elbow
  • Cuattro Uno Slate - stifle
  • Cuattro Uno Slate - fetlock
  • Cuattro Slate - Equine Skyline Carpus
  • Cuattro Uno Slate - tarsus

Cuattro Slate 6 veterinary DR X-ray system

Slate 6 is the well established industry leading equine digital radiography system.

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The Slate 6 Equine DR x-ray is the fastest DR system available today on the market. Start up and begin your exam in 20 seconds. Then take images every 3 seconds if you can keep up with your movement around the horse. With outstanding image quality with powerful, easy to navigate software. The only system to consider if speed is of the essence for you!

  • Faster than ever – view your image in 1.9 seconds, expose every 3 seconds
  • Fully engineered and manufactured for purpose
  • New 16” screen for crystal clear image viewing
  • 100% battery operated for complete freedom around the horse
  • Ultra High Definition 4K Multi-Touch display
  • Automatic exposure detection panel making it completely wireless and allows the system to work with any x-ray machine
  • Powerful, easy to learn and navigate software



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