• Carestream Vita Xray
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  • CC foot flex
  • lateral canine foot flex
  • VD canine pelvis flex

Carestream Vita veterinary CR X-ray system

Veterinary specific X-ray system at an affordable cost. Easy to operate in practice. Now available with dental.

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The improved Vita CR X-ray system now includes new a veterinary specific software and operating system making it even easier to use, producing high quality images at an affordable price.


  • Easy to use: Veterinary specific software means the system is intuitive and simple to use
  • High quality images: Allowing more accurate diagnosis
  • Affordable: Our lowest cost system available
  • Size: Compact enough to fit on a kitchen work-top
  • Process rates: available with 60 plates per hour depending on the demands of your practice
  • 2 year warranty
  • Now available with dental capabilities





Optional Accesories

There are a range of X-ray accessories available from BCF that can help improve your radiography function in the practice.

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