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Carestream Vita Flex veterinary CR X-ray system

The Vita Flex CR X-ray system is a compact, intuitive digital imaging system designed with smaller practices and clinics in mind.

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The Vita Flex CR system from Carestream is perfect for growing practices with its small footprint and intuitive to use software. Now with dental cassettes.

  • Small footprint makes it ideal with practices that are short of space
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate Carestream Image Suite software with in-built X-ray positioning guides making life easier for your team
  • Fast and simple set up making integration into the practice seamless
  • Fast image process times - images in minutes increasing productivity
  • Includes Mini-PACS
  • Available with dental cassettes
  • 5 year warranty as standard.

 Village Vets Carestream Village Vets testimonial:


The Vita Flex comes with simple and intuitive Image Suite software which has been designed by Carestream with the help of BCF’s in-house vet and radiographer

Additional Features


There are a range of X-ray accessories available from IMV that can help improve your radiography function in the practice.

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