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Carestream DRX DR X-ray system

The ideal X-ray solution for small animal/ mixed practices looking to save time and space whilst achieving superior diagnostic X-ray images.

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The Carestream DRX system offers a hassle free, quick and affordable upgrade to DR X-ray imaging. The carbon fibre detector panel can be simply connected wirelessly to Carestream Image Suite software to upgrade your current X-ray solution providing excellent image quality, streamlined workflows and improved productivity.

The DRX includes some fantastic inbuilt features such as CsI technology which provides enhanced image quality with lower does requirements as well as the Carestream Image Suite software which has inbuilt positioning guides. 


  • Upgrade your current X-ray system, optimise workflow and increase productivity with DR technology.
  • Ideal for urgent care vets with fast image acquisition and display time.
  • Save space with a compact system, ideal for any size of practice.
  • Take a series of views quickly and easily with only repositioning of the patient required. * (*when necessary)
  • Obtain excellent image quality with lower dosage requirements through configured CsI technology. 
  • Provides an easy upgrade path from CR to DR X-ray imaging for Vita Flex users by utilising the same intuitive, customisable Image Suite Software.

In Practice

The Carestream DRX is ideal for any size of veterinary practice including emergency clinic, referral level and first opinion practices and particularly for practices with less space.

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