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Sedecal Generator & Table Solutions

High power and high quality X-ray solutions that can be configured to the needs of any practice.

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Open your eyes to the Sedecal X-ray systems, high quality enabling you to improve your image quality, and cope with the busiest work flows. Offering a range of options to enable us to help you to get the system that best works for you, coping with whatever power supply you have, and fitting into the room available. The options on configuration are limitless and we can arrive at a solution for all our veterinary clients. We can offer fixed or variable height systems, with the option to choose different X-ray tubes to ensure you are getting crisp high quality images, whilst being simple and intuitive to use. Give us a call today to talk to our experts and see how we can provide a high-quality system to fit with your practice requirements


  • The greater mA range allows shorter exposure time to be utilised which is ideal for imaging regions with rapid motion such as the small animal thorax.
  • Four way floating top table
  • Bucky tray with stationary 40 lines/cm grid (ratio 8:1), focused at 100cm
  • Fixed height tube
  • Manual collimator can be rotated
  • Hand switch with 15 m cable
  • Choice of tube, wall or floor mounted pedestal for workstation. 
  • Onsite training and support is offered with all our X-ray room installations as standard.

We can help you to configure your system to best suit your needs

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