• Dental veterinary X-ray Generator

iM3 Revolution Dental Veterinary X-ray Generator

The iM3 Revolution Small animal Dental X-ray generator is a lightweight, easy to use dental generator.

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The full swivel ball joint design makes dental X-ray easily achievable. The free range of movement means that practically any position can be achieved including vertical. Can be either trolley, wall or floor mounted.

Quality build

The Revolution 4DC is built with an integrated self-balancing system to reduce any risk of tube head vibration during image acquisition.

Lightweight and compact 

The Revolution 4DC’s unique design makes it compact and lightweight. The 12” X-ray collimator is almost entirely integrated into the tube head body. 
The unique design together with the stable aluminium arms, makes the system effortless to move. 

Comfortable grip

Ergonomically shaped areas on either side of the tube head make fast positioning easy and effortless. 

Simple Wireless Control

The wireless control device allows you to programme the unit from wherever you are in the practice. The control device offers a full range of intuitive exposure settings to make correct image acquisition straightforward. 

Sharp imaging

Specifically designed for digital X-ray, the constant potential tube head combined with the smallest focal spot available for intraoral imaging (0.4mm) guarantees consistently sharp images, though can also still be used for film.

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