• ultra 100

High power Ultra 100 Veterinary X-ray Generator

Ultra 100 is an answer to the requirement of durability with performance.

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Our most powerful portable generator, suited for both small animal and equine use (on a stand).

Ultrasonic SID Sensor

By contrast with the other products, ULTRA 100 is equipped with Ultrasonic Sensor providing max 250cm SID (Source to image Distance) measurement with high accuracy of 1cm tolerance. And, the measured SID is automatically displayed on Operation Panel. Another distinguishing feature of ultrasonic Sensor is NO Dead Zone (an area unable to be detected). Besides, its power consumption is very tow as only 3.ImA


Non-hazardous Laser Pointer

ULTRA 100 features the safest Collimator Laser Pointer as Class 1 of Class 1-4, the bigger meter indicates a high level of hazardous influence, which is based on international Laser Safety Standards (IEC . 60825-1 Edition 1.2). The Class 1 is defined as "Lasers that are NOT hazardous for continuous viewing or are designed in such a way that prevents human access to laser radiation.'


User-Friendly Operation Panel

ULTRA 100’s operation Panel is very carefully designed to efficiently provide users with easy comprehension and control for each function.



  • Carry handle
  • Easy to read display
  • Optional floor stand available
  • Can be mounted above the IMV floating top table
  • 6m exposure cable
  • Our range of generators can be used with DR, CR and Film

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