• Mindray M7 veterinary ultrasound scanner

Mindray M7 veterinary ultrasound scanner

The M7 is ideal for mixed practices looking for a lot of functionality from one system

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The M7 is the next step up from the M5 ultrasound system. It is ideal for mixed practices looking for a lot of functionality from one system.

  • Has a wide range of probes available for small animal and equine work
  • High quality colour Doppler imaging
  • Intelligent workflow making it enjoyable to use
  • Range of veterinary measurement and analysis packages
  • Powerful image optimisation techniques to help you get the image you like

The Mindray M7 is available with a wide variety of probes (including phased array) which make the system suitable for work on any animal from small cats to horses for all applications including cardiac and tendon work.


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Small animal

6C2s 5.0-8.0 MHz 20mm radius micro-convex probe is good if you are looking for a one probe system . It gives high quality abdominal images in a wide range of animals. Adding on the 6C2s 2.5-6.0 MHz 10mm radius micro convex probe will give you increased capabilities for larger dogs.


Probes for all equine applications are available. For musculoskeletal a M-10L4s 8.0-12.0 MHz 38mm footprint linear probe with iBeam and iClear gives a high resolution tendon image.

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