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GE Vivid E95 veterinary ultrasound scanner

The Vivid E95 is the premium 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you reach new heights of care efficiency and effectiveness.

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The leading 4D cardio-vascular ultrasound system for referral hospitals.

One patient, one probe The new one-probe adult 4D TTE solution on the Vivid™ E95 provides an excellent ergonomic workflow solution with uncompromised 2D, 4D, color and Doppler image quality performance at ultra-high volume rates - all with a single probe. This allows for complete and comprehensive diagnosis with one probe and avoids switching of probes, thereby reducing exam time and helping you move swiftly through your work with minimal muscular stress and strain on the operator.

Better image quality. Faster volume rates with higher processing power. Smaller probes.† With the Imaging. Elevated. release, cSound 2.0 facilitates a new level of image quality and 4D volume rates by expansion of the processing power and the development of new beamforming algorithms. As you navigate the increasing challenges of cardiovascular care, the Vivid™ E95 cardiovascular ultrasound system brings you the uncompromised imaging you need more than ever. From the beamformer to the image processor (GPU) to the probes, we've advanced key elements of the system to deliver a solution that's Better. Faster. Smaller.



TCI and ACE - Observe the spatial, temporal and contrast resolution in the 2D image obtained with this new 4Vc-D probe.

4D color imaging with the 4Vc-D probe - High volume rates with excellent spatial resolution in single beat acquisition as shown in this mitral valve regurgitation at 15 fps.

Color Flow - XDclear transducer technology provides excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution and spectral crispness.

True Confocal Imaging Introduces uniform focusing, combined with increased contrast resolution throughout the field of view at high frame rates.

Blood Speckle Imaging (BSI) - Available for pediatrics as well as transesophageal echo (6VT-D only). BSI, which reduces the angle dependency and aliasing issues of conventional color flow, provides a graphical representation of the trajectories of the blood cells.

Virtual Apex - Phased array probes provide a wide field of view for enhanced visualization of structures at the sides of the sector.

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