• GE Logiq S8 veterinary ultrasound scanner
  • GE Logiq S8 canine intussesception SA  colour ML6-15-D 01
  • logiq-s811-600x450-4x3
  • GE Logiq S8 canine intussesception SA  ML6-15-D
  • logiq-s812-4x3-600x450
  • Logiq S7 Transducer Guide-1
  • GE Logiq S8 canine kidney  ML6-15-D
  • GE Logiq S8 canine liver 10C-D
  • GE Logiq S8 canine liver with GB 10C-D
  • GE Logiq S8 canine spleen ML6-15-D
  • GE Logiq S8 kitten Kidney ML6-15-D
  • GE Logiq S8 kitten liver 10C-D
  • GE Logiq S8 canine  aorta ML6-15-D (1)
  • GE Logiq S8 canine eye ML6-15-D
  • GE Logiq S8 canine intussesception LA ML6-15-D

GE Logiq S8 Xdclear veterinary ultrasound scanner

Premium multi-purpose ultrasound imaging system and offers GE's brand new high resolution micro-convex probe.

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The GE LOGIQ S8 is our premium multi-purpose ultrasound imaging system providing superb imaging in a wide range of species and applications and offers GE's brand new high resolution micro-convex probe.

  • Wide range of clinical applications including abdominal, musculoskeletal and cardiology across a wide range of animals.
  • Newly expanded family of E-Series single crystal transducers improve penetration and reduce polling artefacts.
  • Four active pin-less transducer ports and one parking slot enabling multiple probe connections to be made simultaneously, delivering convenience when working through a wide range of clinical applications.
  • S-Agile Acoustic Architecture with patented model based beam providing superb image quality.
  • Features the latest XDClear transducer technology to produce higher definition images with more penetration. 
  • Single crystal piezoelectric material is used on the new D-series transducers to delivers high quality acoustic signals with less artefacts.
  • Acoustic amplifier technology captures and redirects unused energy to produce a more powerful transducer.
  • Cool stack technology reduces heat generation within the transducer that would otherwise reduce sensitivity and penetration.

Additional Features


The wide collection of probes available for the S8 includes a variety of sizes and shapes while spanning a frequency range of 1-18 MHz, ensuring there is an appropriate probe for any job – whether performing a feline echo or scanning the equine sacroiliac region.

GE LOGIQ S8 D-Series transducers

Incredible technology makes imaging incredibly easy.
The moment you put the transducer on the patient, these highly advanced, ergonomically designed transducers work with the Accelerated Volume Architecture of the GE Logiq S8 to maximize image quality.

Second generation in-probe 4D beamforming increases bandwidth and second harmonic sensitivity to provide improved image resolution and angular sensitivity.

Single Crystal Technology uses new piezoelectric materials to increase bandwidth, offering better signal to noise and improved axial resolution and penetration. Matrix Array Technology uses multiple rows of crystals to help achieve uniform resolution throughout the field of view.

Advanced ergonomic design features lightweight polymers and light, flexible cables for ease of movement. Transducers are shaped for proper grip so they fit the hand comfortably, with ridges for improved handling.

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