• Duo-Scan:Go Plus
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - horizontal view
  • Duo-Scan:Go in use
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - smartphone display
  • Cleaning the Duo-Scan:Go Plus
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - scanning discussion
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus - pig ultrasound image

Duo-Scan:Go Plus livestock ultrasound scanner

The Duo-Scan:Go Plus has been designed to last longer than other scanners on the market.

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Duo-Scan:Go Plus livestock ultrasound scanner

The Duo-Scan:Go Plus is an upgraded version of the Duo-Scan:Go. With double the number of elements, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus provides an even better quality of image. 

The Duo-Scan:Go Plus is the world’s first wireless ultrasound scanner designed for pigs, sheep or goats. The latest addition to IMV Imaging’s industry-leading :Go family of wireless ultrasound products, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus has been designed from the ground up to meet livestock scanning requirements, creating fast, accurate, easy-to-share images and data. As an ergonomic, all-in-one wireless probe, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus sets a new standard in livestock scanning.


Rugged design

At IMV imaging, we understand the challenges of the farm environment. The Duo-Scan:Go Plus may be lightweight  but it has been designed to be tough enough to cope with unpredictable conditions. Each fully-sealed all-in-one unit incorporates wireless charging so with zero connectors or apertures, it can be disinfected easily and safely to help maintain biosecurity standards. Advanced curved sensor array also help keep the Duo-Scan:Go Plus working for longer. It is a product designed to last years, not months.


Pioneering technology

As part of IMV imaging’s industry-leading :Go family of products, the wireless Duo-Scan:Go Plus incorporates a raft of innovations. Using our proprietary SoundLink™ technology, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus beams optimised images to any smart device, allowing operators to just switch on and scan. Our SmartBeam™ feature works to reduce image lag and overheating, and the high image quality makes it easy to determine non-pregnant uteruses.  Information can be quickly uploaded via IMV’s ScanShare™ to a secure cloud database enabling instant access to vital data anywhere at any time. Batch results can be analysed for more effective reporting, driving improvements for better production.


Ease of use

Despite being packed with technology, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus remains simple and intuitive to use. It has been ergonomically designed including the position of the probe to make under-abdomen scanning easier for the operator. Being fully wireless, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus allows much more freedom of movement (and leaves no trailing wires for curious livestock to chew on). Additional accessories are also available to wrist mount allowing the operator to orientate their smart device vertical or horizontally on their wrist for optimal viewing.


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