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EasyIMAGE Image Management System

The most powerful image management (PACS) software for vets. Everything you would expect from class leading image management software.

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With easyIMAGE you will find everything you need for image processing and management.

  • Expertly and beautifully designed image management software
  • Able to process all image and video formats
  • Simple integration of all machines and modalities (CR, DR, US, CT/MRI)
  • Supports modality work lists 
  • Unique and intelligent DICOM viewer allowing viewing of crystal clear images
  • Excellent measuring and reporting tools
  • Fantastic video and 3D functionality

easyIMAGE is hardware and software based and can be easily integrated into your existing practice set up.  Your files will be safely backed up to practice hardware. You can use your existing hardware, provided they meet the minimum specifications, to help keep initial costs down.

The software is very powerful and allows you to perform a wide range of functions with multiple devices and modalities. Store and manage all your images in one place. Compatible with Windows based PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.


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To help further prevent data loss, we offer a backup drive install and configure service. This means should for example the main server have a big failure, catch fire, get stolen, etc., you have all important images saved on an additional drive.  

  • Back up drive

    Backup for Large Practices:

    8Tb TS-412 QNAP NAS Box, Setup and Configured

    Perfect for a practice with 4+ DR/CR Machines and a PACS server.
    This system will give a massive 6Tb of image space, enough for years of images even in the busiest of practices. Not only can it hold so much, it automatically backs up these images from your server without you ever having to lift a finger or click a mouse.

  • Back up drive for small practices

    Backup for Small Practices:

    4Tb TS-212 QNAP NAS Box, Setup and Configured

    This smaller unit would be ideal for a practice with 1-3 DR/CR Machines and a PACS server
    This device will give 2Tb of storage space, enough for around 100,000 DICOM images. This device like the TS412 will automatically back your images up keeping them safe and secure. *Please note, in order to configure this device, we require full internet access at the practice*

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