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GE Revolution ACT CT system

The new Revolution ACT changes the landscape of CT imaging.

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The new Revolution ACT changes the landscape of CT imaging.

The Revolution CT range from GE has been designed from the ground up for pioneering the future of CT.  IMV are delighted to bring you the Revolution ACT as part of the Revolution range from GE.

It brings improvements in key areas such as image quality and resolution coupled with an improved user workflow based on customer feedback. Utilising some of the latest technology from GE’s flagship system represents a breakthrough in affordable CT.

The Revolution ACT combines the latest technology and with the new expertly streamlined user interface gives you a tool that allows you to provide the best possible care for your patients.

  • Easier diagnosis due to higher image quality and class leading resolution.
  • New Clarity detector panel with the latest innovative technology produces higher image quality and the highest spatial resolution and a more diagnostic image
  • Smart flow, a new user interface: user workflow has been completely redesigned based on customer feedback and testing to make it easy to learn and faster use.
  • New high quality X-ray generator: a new high frequency system with high heat transfer technology to manage greater patient throughput. The small focal spot of the tube ensures high resolution imaging.
  • Fast Acquisition: up to 35 mm coverage per second
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