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Wireless head-mounted viewing device

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Compatible with the innovative :Go family of ultrasound, the BUG:Go completes our wireless on-farm ultrasound solution. 

The Easi-Scan:Go and Duo-Scan:Go create a wireless signal for the BUG to connect to with no connector outlets or cables, displaying our best image quality yet with no image lag.

With the same interchangeable battery as the Easi-Scan:Go, the weight of the device is evenly distributed across the head and is comfortable and lightweight enough to wear all day. 

Just connect and go, with the BUG:Go!

  • Ultrasound image right in front of your eyes
  • No image lag
  • Wear all day with no pain or strain
  • Connect a standard smart device as a secondary viewing device
  • You can see the image in bright sunlight or dark situations
  • Use in the wettest or driest conditions
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Stay safe by keeping your peripheral vision
  • Uses the same lithium battery as the Easi-Scan:Go


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