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Stat-X Vaquero

The Stat-X Bucky is easy-to-handle, it can be completely (un)folded in only 10 seconds.

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The Stat-X Bucky is our foldable mobile stand with a 3D-adjustable and mountable cassette holder. It has 3 swing arm adapter positions with quick-release and only weighs 18 Kg. The Bucky has one swing arm length of 750 mm and the swivel range of the arm is 5° to the left, 5° to the right. It is delivered with a tailor-made cassette holder for analogue, CR- or DR-systems. The weight range for the cassettes used on the Bucky is 3 - 15 Kg. The Stat-X Bucky is so easy-to-handle, it can be completely (un)folded in only 10 seconds. 

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