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The Podoblock offers a hands free solution to achieving better x-rays with maximum radiation distance and minimum exposure to radiation.

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Made of full Aluminium included with 1 Topblock where you can choose between 45°, 50°, 55° or 60°.

Standard delivered with 4 sturdy Rubber Feet.

In combination with our Podoholder, Podo-Protectionbox or Cowboybox this unique system guarantees maximum radiation distance and no fingers on the X-rays.With a simple but unique Hands- free system the Cassette-holder can be placed in the slots of the Podoblock in definite LM / AP / 45° positions.

- Guarantees always the same angle in every position, day in day out.
- Minimises the radiation in a maximal way because of the "hands free" system.
- Saves time and a third person.

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