Introducing the Easi-Scan:Go

The new wireless, bovine ultrasound scanner from IMV imaging, focusing on improving the workflow between vets and their customers, ensuring enhancements in productivity and animal health. 

The future of ultrasound imaging

IMV imaging, as always, are leading the way in animal ultrasound. Using their experience of over 35 years and embracing their value of innovation, the team at IMV imaging have created the next generation in bovine ultrasound: the Easi-Scan:Go.

Working together with our partners and engaging with our customers to gain their feedback, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the life of a vet on-farm and what they need from their imaging equipment. With a focus on data at the forefront of the dairy industry, the Easi-Scan:Go is the ultrasound solution that will allow you to move with the times and set your business for the future.

The enhanced, unbeatable image quality provided by the Easi-Scan:Go is complimented by the ergonomic design which means the scanner is lighter and smaller than its predecessors.

Wireless, connected on-farm ultrasound

BE CONNECTED: The Easi-Scan:Go is ideal for a modern farm environment, providing a wireless solution for on-farm imaging. Through the use of an app, 3 devices can be connected to the scanner and display the image. The IMV Cloud online stores images, providing the opportunity for further examination or sharing with farmers.

BE SMART: Phones, tablets or other smart devices can be used to view the image as well as record vital data to the app. Connecting to the Visits ToDo App ensures accuracy of recording data relating to diagnosis as well as allowing the Vet to plan their appointments and communicate with customers easily.

LET’S GO: The Easi-Scan:Go requires minimal setup and allows Vets to get started quickly with their scanning, providing accurate results and saving time simultaneously. The scanner is sealed and waterproof, reducing biosecurity concerns as it can be easily cleaned. 

Unique technologies

An innovative product, the Easi-Scan:Go is equipped with modern technology which aims to increase the efficiency of on-farm ultrasound scanning.

Enhanced Efficiency

Sound-Link, IMV’s exclusive wireless data transmission platform produces images in real time without image lag being an issue. The Easi-Scan:Go uses Smart-Beam technology to reduce power required.

Unrivalled Longevity

Built for the farm environment, the Easi-Scan:Go is waterproof with a probe that has been designed to be durable.

Clever Connectivity

Vets can upload relevant diagnostic data to the IMV Cloud via Scan-Share, where it can be analysed and distributed at a later date, if required.

Improved Productivity

Farm visits can be improved as the VisitsToDo App works by ensuring the data captured is accurate during scanner, with both the Vet and the Farmer being able to see and capture the results.

The Easi-Scan evolution

As a core value of IMV imaging, innovation plays a huge part in the company, particularly in product design. The Easi-Scan product is testament to this, as it has developed over the past decade and more from a scanner worn across the body to now the Easi-Scan:Go.

Key design changes have seen our scanner become more simple in their look yet still providing ever more enhanced image quality with each evolution. Listening to and working with our partners and customers has ensured that we continue to deliver products that meet the needs of the ever changing bovine ultrasound market.

The changing role of the farm vet

Our extensive research in to the future of the dairy industry highlighted the need for vets to be able to offer more of a consultancy service to their clients, showing the long-term value in their work. The Easi-Scan:Go supports this movement, integrating with big data platforms and encouraging engagement in each others work with multiple device connectivity.

Be Connected, Be Smart, Let’s Go!


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