3D veterinary imaging – is it time to invest?

By now you will be familiar with CT and MRI; 3D imaging systems and firstly how stunning the technology is, but also the benefits of such technology to your practice.


An increasing number of veterinary practices are seeing the benefits both to animal care and business revenue, and seriously considering that now is the time to invest.


With the market usage of 3D imaging continuing to grow, is it time to rethink the reasons for investing in CT or MRI?


Here are some of the reasons practices are investing;


Improving diagnostic capability

3D imaging allows you to gain a wealth of information about what is happening inside the animal, giving you the best possible view to diagnose. The more you can see, the easier it is to diagnose. Further, when having the full view of what’s going on inside the animal, it becomes easier to communicate with clients using 3 dimensional models the recommended course of action. Whether it be surgery, medication, etc. 3D imaging gives a clear and concise view of the situation inside the animal.



Attract and retain both clients and staff

Attract more clients to your practice over competitors by offering a higher level of in-house services. No need to refer on for scans outwith the practice and losing revenue from the following surgery. You will be working at a higher standard, attracting and retaining staff who working at that level.


Creating a revenue generating stream

Investing in CT means you will be creating a new revenue generating stream for the practice. Undertaking 2 scans per week would create enough revenue to break even and make a small profit over a 5-year period. Anything over that would be direct profit for the practice. Additionally, offering this service may result in more revenue generating treatments.



Investing in the latest technology

The Revolution ACT system represents the latest 3D imaging technology to the market. Investing in a system with the latest technology means you are not only getting the best possible image but future proofing your investment for many more years than if you were investing in a second-hand system that has already had an end of life notice from the manufacturer. The NHS is currently hanging on to their CT & MRI for 10 years and use their equipment heavily. This type of equipment will more than likely  only have a limited supply of second hand parts available.


If you would like to discuss any of the points in more detail or think you might be ready for 3D imaging at your practice, get in touch with Nigel Perry, 3D imaging sales manager.

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