How to radiograph your unicorn

By Kat Evans, BCF in-house Radiographer

When Radiographing your Unicorn you will need the following equipment.

  • Fairy dust- to help develop the X-rays
  • Cosmic Radiation-  normal radiation doesn't work on Unicorns
  • A Radiographer and assistant, who must be pure of heart
  • Sheets of starlight to capture the image
  • Sparkles and fluff can help too

Unicorns can only be radiographed when resting their heads in the laps of people of a pure heart, which is becoming increasingly hard to find, any evil intentions will scare the Unicorn, and you will not be able to acquire good images.

Exposure times are long, and full of happiness, so no one ever complains about this

Positioning is traditionally in a grassy clearing under an old oak tree, with a light mist, and a gentle sunset.

It must be remembered that all unicorns are very special beings, and must be revered and loved for their uniqueness, this makes understanding normal unicorn anatomy quite tricky. They do have a very large heart compared to a horse the same size, but their heart is still much smaller than that of a Pegasus (please see the article on Pegasus Cardiac scanning for sizes)

For further help please call me.....

Future articles on how to ultrasound your dragon will be done- but before ultrasounding Dragons you must have completed both parts of 'how to train your dragon'...

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