BCF’s success at the Dragon's Glen business awards ceremony

Following 5 months of hard work and dedication, the 2 teams from BCF who have been competing in the Children 1st Dragon’s Glen Business Challenge amazingly brought home 2 awards at last night’s ceremony at Edinburgh Castle.

The Challenge was to turn £500 in £5,000 in 5 months by setting up and running a successful and lucrative business with the support of an allocated ‘Dragon’ as their business mentor, competing against a number of other teams from companies across Scotland. 

BCF Team A won the Most Innovative idea award for their board game Escape the Jungle. The game was designed to bring troubled families together in a fun and educational way. The team have handed over a sustainable business to Children 1st who will continue to benefit financially from the project for years to come. Their Dragon was Professor Susan Hart from Strathclyde Business School.

BCF Team B won the Most Future Promise award for Project DG. Project DG designed a range of t-shirts which they sold online and at events. They also held a successful charity race night in Glasgow raising a considerable amount of their target at the event. The team donated £6,000 in total to the charity. Their Dragons were Jo Bucci, Managing Director of People’s Postcode Lottery and Carolyn Jameson, Senior Director, General Counsel at Skyscanner. 

All the money raised by the 2 teams has been donated to Children 1st, a Scottish charity who supports troubled families with a variety of services across Scotland. They provide a full range of useful services to support families across Scotland. To find out more about Children 1st click HERE

Massive congratulations from everyone at BCF to both teams.

Watch the video from the awards ceremony:

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