Kieran McCrorie

Mechanical Design Engineer

I joined IMV imaging in January 2016.

My role as a Mechanical Design Engineer comprises the development and design of new products from a mechanical perspective as well as working with production maintaining our existing product range. We get involved in a whole range of different processes and materials in creating the next additions to the IMV imaging range.

Before IMV imaging I worked in high end HI-FI design, so moving to Ultrasound scanners was really just a step up in frequency! Prior to that I worked on domestic grey water recovery products, sports bottle insulators and first aid kits. I studied in Glasgow gaining a Masters in Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

Outside of work I did once have varied interests that I actively pursued. I now actively pursue small children (my own) – family life has rather displaced my music and film interests whilst my fitness has plummeted as my running opportunities have dwindled.

+44 (0)1506 460 023

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